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Looking for a quick and quality oil change? Look no further than our INFINITI Service Center for a certified and professional service experience from our experienced team of technicians. We have the tools, training, and knowledge needed to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years down the road.

And if you need more information on recommended INFINITI maintenance schedules, contact our INFINITI service consultants today. You can trust that your INFINITI is in good hands with our expertly trained team. Our high-quality services and repairs are also affordable. Check-in with us daily for INFINITI service and genuine parts specials to save money on your next visit to our Service & Parts Center in Greenwood, IN. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of oil changes, how often to change your oil, and more INFINITI service information.

Importance of Routine Maintenance

Routinely scheduled oil changes are necessary for maintaining your investment, safety, and performance of your vehicle. Together with routine maintenance and inspections, oil changes can also help prevent costly repairs down the road. Saving you time and money throughout your ownership.

Importance of Oil Changes

Inside each INFINITI engine are many moving parts. All of these parts need to be properly lubricated to function properly and avoid hazardous damage. Engine oil also reduces the friction from these moving parts in your engine that can cause overheating. Maintaining clean engine oil also improves your fuel efficiency and helps your vehicle last longer. Completing regular oil changes on your own can be difficult, that’s where our team of certified INFINITI technicians come in. We offer competitively priced INFINITI services and repairs at convenient hours to best accommodate your schedule.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

INFINITI recommends the use of synthetic oil due to its ability to lubricate your engine system better than regular oil. Synthetic oil is formulated from base oil, powder additives, and a carrier oil that helps the distribution of the additives across your engine evenly. Changing your INFINITI’s synthetic oil every 5,000 to 7,000 miles will help maintain your performance. Additional advantages of synthetic oil include:

  • Synthetic oil is more stable across a range of temperatures
  • Synthetic oil is free of paraffin-like contaminants found in conventional oil
  • Its additive packages of detergents and friction modifiers are superior to conventional oil
  • Synthetic oil can be changed about every 10,000 miles
  • Cleaner oil with fewer impurities

How to Check Oil Levels

Checking your oil once a month is a great way to protect you and your ride from easily preventable engine issues. Follow the simple steps below to get the most accurate oil readings possible:

  • Park on a level ground
  • Wait for your engine to cool but isn’t cold (about an hour)
  • Review your Owner’s Manual to find oil location and additional instructions
  • Open the hood and find the oil location
  • Remove dipstick found under the hood
  • Clean thoroughly and re-insert again to get an accurate reading

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Every 10,000 Miles
Inspection, engine oil change, engine oil filter change, tire inspection, and tire rotation.

Every 20,000 Miles
Exhaust system, brake pads, and rotors inspections.

Every 30,000 Miles
Battery inspection, tire replacement, multi-point maintenance inspection, and wheel alignments.

Dreyer & Reinbold INFINITI vs. Jiffy Lube and Local Auto Repair Shops

At Dreyer & Reinbold INFINITI, our service center knows INFINITI vehicles better than the competition. We’re here to serve you, and we want to make that process as easy as possible.

Our INFINITI service team is specially trained to focus on your INFINITI model and guarantees to only use INFINITI OEM parts for your vehicle. The competition starting cost is estimated at $64.99 (based on your location) for synthetic oil service, which will not provide you with comfortable amenities, or a complimentary multi-point inspection.

Stop by Dreyer & Reinbold INFINITI Today

Our professional service consultants and technicians at Dreyer & Reinbold INFINITI are trained to expertly repair and maintain your INFINITI vehicle life. We are dedicated to providing you with an excellent service experience with honest, knowledgeable recommendations on automotive services. Contact our INFINITI Parts Center for genuine parts, designed and optimized for the lifelong performance of your INFINITI vehicle. From routine oil changes to complete engine repair, we are here to care for your INFINITI throughout your entire ownership experience.

Oil Change FAQs

It's recommended to replace your engine oil and filter at least once a year depending on usage and lifestyle demands.

  • Your engine is overheating
  • You see oil leaking
  • You hear odd engine noises

INFINITI comes with these standard INFINITI Limited Warranties:

  • 4-year/60,000-mile Basic coverage
  • 6-year/70,000-mile Powertrain coverage
  • 7-year/unlimited-mileage Corrosion coverage
  • 10-year/unlimited-mileage Seat Belt Warranty
  • 4-year/60,000-mile Genuine INFINITI Accessories Basic coverage (when purchased at the time of vehicle sale)

Your INFINITI’s maintenance needs vary according to mileage and driving conditions. Bringing your INFINITI in every 5,000 miles or six months will help ensure you’re getting the best possible driving experience as well as help maintain your INFINITI’s longevity. Protecting your investment.

Modern engine oils do more than lubricate; they help remove harmful engine deposits and contaminants as you drive. The oil suspends these contaminants and carries them to the oil filter where they are trapped and held. Oil filter becomes saturated with these contaminants and their filtering capability is significantly reduced. If the oil filter is not replaced at the recommended intervals, contaminated oil will continue to flow through the engine and cause excessive wear, which will reduce performance and ultimately shorten the life of the engine.

Synthetic oil provides protection beyond conventional oil products and in many cases is the factory fill and recommended oil for INFINITI vehicles. It helps extend engine life and protects against sludge, engine rust, and corrosion while allowing easy starting and rapid oil circulation to protect critical parts during cold starts.

INFINITI-approved synthetic 0W-20 and 5W-30 engine oil meets the specific engineering requirements of your INFINITI engine and is the factory fill on most models.

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