Interior and Exterior INFINITI Detailing

INFINITI Detailing in South Greenwood, IN


Tempting packages make Detail by INFINITI irresistible. Regardless of the package you choose, your INFINITI will receive first-class treatment. Maintain the value of your INFINITI with our thorough vehicle treatments. Meticulously cleaning your vehicle inside and out, these procedures will ensure your investment’s appearance remains as sound as its performance. An invaluable service, detail by INFINITI packages are developed to provide the superior treatment your INFINITI deserves.

So call Dreyer & Reinbold INFINITI of Greenwood today at 317-885-4800 to make a reservation or to learn more about detail by INFINITI. A detail package from INFINITI will rejuvenate both you and your vehicle.

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When it comes to caring for your INFINITI, it is important to always use the right cleaning products. One of the most important tools you can have when cleaning your INFINITI is a microfiber towel, these towels ensure you don’t scratch up any of your INFINITI materials. The multifunctional towel can easily be paired with any automotive-based cleaning solution. From automotive leather cleaner and automotive wood polish to dust remover and more, a microfiber towel is essential to completing streak-free and scratch-free cleaning. Stay away from alcohol-based cleaners, make sure that any and all products used are made for automotive upholstery, carpeting, plastic, or vinyl.

And for hard-to-reach spots, we recommend a detailing brush to remove dust and grime from vents and other hard-to-reach spaces. Or instead of worrying about which products to use on what and how often, trust in our team of INFINITI detailing experts to best protect your investment inside and out.


Unlike other independent detailing companies, we have the proper tools, extensive knowledge, and unmatched experience when it comes to INFINITI’s variety of makes and models. That means we know exactly what your INFINITI model needs. Our expert detailing service utilizes all our INFINITI knowledge to help you unlock and enjoy the best detailing possible. Our service is also backed by INFINITI’s manufacturing recommendations, meaning we can help you experience that like-new feeling you had the day you first drove off our lot. Interior and exterior detailing services include:


  • Hand scrub, clean and condition: carpeting, floor mats, seats, door panels, and dash
  • Clean windows on the inside
  • Clean headliner as needed
  • Clean trunk
  • Clean door jambs


  • Bug and light tar removal
  • Hand wash
  • Clay Bar All Painted Surfaces
  • Dual Action Polished & Waxed with a Polymers, Silicone & Carnauba Rich Wax
  • Clean windows on the outside
  • Clean hood, trunk, and door jambs
  • Clean wheels and dress tires
  • Clean engine compartment


We recommend getting your INFINITI detailed quarterly to help best protect the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Detailing your INFINITI is essential to help protect its exterior paint and interior finishes.

Yes, routinely detailing your vehicle will help protect you from costly repairs due to paint wear or interior damage caused by neglect.

Depending on the package you picked and your vehicle’s overall needs, a detail can take anywhere from a half-hour to over three hours. We have a comfortable waiting area with snacks, drinks, WiFi, TVs, and more.

We are happy to help you source the best possible cleaning products for you to take care of your INFINITI.

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